Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Magento Developer Toolbar extension- Its Amazing

Professional magento developer toolbar with profiling, database queries, handles, event/observer overview, block nesting, requests and caching.

Be Professional, see what happens in the dark

The Mgt Developer Toolbar for magento is very useful for all developers and frontend guys. 
Many professional developers all over the world use this extension to find possible performance bottlenecks. 
You have an overview of the parse time, memory consumption and number of queries executed. 
It also gives you information about the Controller, Module and Action which is responsible for the current request. 
The advantage for frontend guys should also be mentioned, you get a complete overview 
how the blocks are rendered and which templates are used. This makes all block and template changes
 easier than ever before.

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Pauline Taylor said...

Yes, Magento is one of the popular toolbar extension. It's very user-friendly and accessible to use...

pvahora said...

The information written in the article is descriptive and well written.It is also simple to read and understand.Good Read.
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