Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cloud Computing Vs CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

There are many question which are arising regarding the servers. Which one is better and how long it will sustain ? . Currently two servers Cloud and CDN are majorly used in web Development. But what is the main difference between both ? The answer in nutshell is as below :-

The big difference is that cloud computing is a big group of servers in 1 data center building which is usually at one location. On the other hand CDN is also group of servers but distributed around the country so it allows web visitors a better and faster access to the website. For example if you're in Boston trying to access a server in California it can be faster to be hitting a server locally in Boston for the files. The CDN is usually able to support much larger traffic volumes since the speed is calculated based on location the traffic comes from.

So finally selection of the server will depends on your choice by looking the traffic on site and offcourse your budget also matters :)

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